Marilyn Monroe | Playboy Special Edition 50th Anniversary of her Death Dec 2012

Marilyn knew what was up with the bush…

(via satanicwarship)


A poem I wrote a few months ago:

I trace words

Along her back

With my fingertips.

She’s made me

A king of insects,

Paper-thin wings

And kaleidoscope eyes.


She sleeps

With the record

Vibrating the air.

This hive is buzzing,

Despite dried leaves

And dying things.


In the dark,

I learn

The nape of her neck;

The freckles hidden

Just inside the ear.

My kingdom shimmers,

Delicate and easily crushed

She has my lordly wings

Between her fingers.


Nectar seeps

From every bud and honeycomb.

Yet, with a gust of wind,

It will all scatter

In a haze

Of twitching legs,

Severed wings,

And flying colors.


We awake to rain

Upon the window.

She blinks

Sky blue eyes open,

And gazes up at me

From a nest

Of sheets and curls,



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